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SEO tip of the day: Local SEO – Owning Your Market

Have you ever wondered why when you search your company they show up on the top of the list to you?  But when potential customers search for generic terminology that should point them straight to you then you are no where to be found?  Could it be […]


SEO tip of the day: Claim Your Brand Name

Far too often the issues related to an effective social media deployment is the lack of “owning” their brand name. So what SEO tactics can be deployed to overcome those draw backs of pushing “your” content out there and laying your claim?  From an SEO perspective you […]


SEO tip of the day : Paid vs Free Ads

For anyone who has been involved with Internet Marketing for some time you know that paid ads are a great source of revenue for your site.  But even free (or heavily discounted) ads have an equal effect on your SEO results.  The link back and cross marketing […]


SEO tip of the day #2: Google Places

While most companies understand the need to be easily found online for perspective or current customers/clients to find and interact with them, most companies don’t realize that they need to take an added advantage of being listed on Google Places by having reviews of their companies listed […]


Relationships – The Business Kind

While many understand the importance of relationships in the business world, very few actually do anything that enhances their influence and position in this regard.  Vendors will always be vendors, suppliers will always be suppliers, and purchasers will always be purchasers.  But that is not always the […]

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