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SEO tip of the day: Content Production

Content is king, but not all content is fit to rule. What the engines seek is compelling, unique content. And while we judge what “compelling” means to a degree, what’s more important is how searchers react to your content when we show your webpage to them in […]


SEO tip of the day: On-Page Factors

Follow a few simple guidelines for the area inside the code of your webpage denoted by the <head> tag. Each <title> should be short, about 65 characters, and unique to the page. Include the keyword you’re targeting for that page near the beginning of the title. The […]


SEO tip of the day: Crawlability

If a crawler can’t access your content, the content won’t be indexed by search engines, nor will it be ranked. Enable and use XML sitemaps with a low error rate to build trust with search engines. Make sure your website navigation is clean and strive for a […]


SEO tip of the day: Site Structure

Provide a site structure with strong functionality, which helps encourage link building. Linking to both trusted outside sources and internal content shows a search engine you care about users getting the best data around their query. In addition, HTML sitemaps ensure a good user experience and help […]


SEO tip of the day: Local SEO Google Reviews

How many companies actually look to see if they are list on Google Places correctly?  And of those companies, how many actually know that they can be reviewed by customers / clients directly on Google as well.  Why is this important?  Just like the rankings that are […]

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